Antioxidant capsules

EyeVital LX Antioxidant Capsules

Composition w/v
Each soft gelatin capsule contains
Free lutein                                                                                  4 mg
Zeaxanthin                                                                                 0.8 mg
Vitamin A palmitate                                                                    I.P. 2500 I.U
Vitamin C                                                                                  25 mg
Vitamin E Acetate                                                                      I.P.  25 mg
Zinc (oxide) elemental                                                                 I.P. 40 mg
Selenium (sodium selenate) elemental                                          I.P. 40 mcg
Copper (cupric oxide) elemental                                                   I.P. 2mg

Dosage form
s Capsules


Lutein & zeaxanthin are members of carotenoid family. They are natural fat soluble yellowish pigments found in some plants.
They serve as accessory light gathering pigments and to protect organisms against the toxic effect of ultra violet radiation and oxygen.
They are found in the macula of human retina, as well as the human crystalline lens, they thought to play a role in protection against age related macular degeneration.
They are found abundantly in dark green leafy vegetables.

Lutein & zeaxanthin are fortified with antioxidant (vitamin A, C, E, copper, zinc, and selenium) show promise of protecting against macular degeneration and may reduce the risk of cataracts, diabetic retinopathy & offers strong antioxidant action.

one to two capsules a day.

It is contraindicated in those hypersensitive to any components of its content.

Adverse reactions
Adverse reactions involving Lutein & zeaxanthin have not been reported.

Store in a cool dry place. Protect from light.

EYE VITAL LX is available in a blister pack of 10 capsules.                            << Back

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